Darius' History 1412 Mirtul 8

Past History

Chapter 1, “The boy made man”

A Melekhai child is unwittingly mentally linked to all within his/her community. So on the day your aunt was slain, everyone in your clan (the Beru’Hewec), felt your agony then your anger. It is said that when a Melekhai loses his innocence too early, a great journey of personal discovery must be undertaken or he will cease to be a Melekhai at heart.

You were far too young to undergo your journey, so you were taken in by several caring elves that tried as they could to bring love and empathy back into your soul, but to no avail. The nightmares of the Luthers plagued you, never letting you get a full rest at night and leaving you with a hollow view of the world, like sleep-walking through your waking hours and day dreaming of spilling their blood to replace the hate you felt for them. The emotional emptiness you felt drove many would-be pseudo-parent figures out of your life. So did your condescending looks and snappy attitude that was so uncharacteristic of a Melekhai child.

There was one Elf named Bramerem who took extra care of you, even through your toughest times. He showed understanding and patience far beyond what was expected of him and never seemed to be the slightest bit affected by your attitudes, but always said “You’ll take your journey one day, and I believe in you that you might find the resolution you deserve. When that day comes, I will be waiting here with my arms open for my son to return.” Though you’d never admit it to yourself you did love the man but lied to yourself instead saying, “don’t put faith in anything that can be taken away from you Darius”. Which is exactly what you would continue to do.

The next fifteen years were spent purely on the Arts of War and those of Mental Combat. This was a time of peace for you, for only in pure exhaustion did you find an exit from the nightmares of the past. So you trained. You trained hard.

Recent History

There have been rumors that the Havenward Merchants Trade Caravan is coming to Hou’Caw. You have known it is coming for quite some time though, as Algoras the Joonmaster left with all the Joonmasters(34) at the dusk of Mirtul 6. They will be testing out a new flying apparatus known as the “Tether Tie” which is basically a system that ties multiple Joons together for organized flight, to accommodate the transport of all the caravans. There could be up to 100 of the metal, dome-shaped caravans that need to be hauled into the city, so while Algoras is away, he has left you in full charge of the rearing area and Juvenile Pen. You are to report to Telstac if any problems arise. This means you must keep the areas perfectly free of Cantors, which could kill your eggs, you, or get into your water. Keep them away from the Pen as well or they could give an infection to the juvenile Joons which could kill them. You will be required to check the areas at least every four hours. This is what Algoras figures is the bare minimum to keep the pests at bay, and you want to keep him happy.

Before he left to ferry the HMTC back to Hou’Caw, Algoras pulled you aside out of your duties and has made you an offer, because yesterday he approached you. “Darius, I will have a word with you. Your time here with the eggs has worked out very well thus far. Depending on the success of the up and coming brood, I have an offer for you. If you choose to stay on with me and rear an 80+% on the next three broods, I will offer you your freedom. Furthermore, I will give you your own large personal residence in my complex. No more sleeping near the eggs. My previous offer still stands. You have two nights to think this over. Goodbye.” These were his parting words before he set off with the other Joonmasters.

Darius' History 1412 Mirtul 8

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