Your Work

Just as nearly every other functioning member of a society, you have a job. You know this. Your job is to rearing, or keeping of Joon eggs and hatchlings. Check The MAP tab on the WIKI for your home/joon rearing facility.

Your Responsibilities

You have two batches of eggs. They must be tended to. If they are neglected and die, you will lose your job, and thus your “IN” with Algoras which allows you to inch closer to your goals will be destroyed. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP THEM ALIVE!

To properly care for the eggs, you must follow a sequence of actions that will ensure your EGG KEEPING SUCCESS.

1.)You must TURN your eggs every 3 hours! (unless you are sleeping, another helper will relieve you of your duties)
2.)You must cancel out any air movement in their chamber! (using the Mother worm Slime to create, maintain and patch walls) You must also order more from Algoras when your slime pot is running low! (right now you have enough for 6 days, full pot holds 20 days worth)
3.) You must ensure the juveniles in the pen do not damage eachother too much, checking on them every 4 hours! (they hiss and bicker at eachother constantly, but if a fight breaks out, you must seperate them or they will damage their horns and this will decrease their value when Algoras wants to sell them!)
4.) You must remember to feed the juveniles sugar water once a day, EVERY DAY. You choose the time.
5.) You must make sure the sugar water does not run out! You must also order more from algoras when your sugar water is running low! (right now you have enough for three days, full tank holds 15 days worth)
6.) You must remember to properly close each surface hatch with the “tuning lock” to avoid temperature swings in the chamber, this is critical. If it gets too hot, you can do a skill check to ventilate the room or if it gets too cold, you can do a skill check to maintain the proper sized fire.
Failure to follow any of these guides will result in you stressing the creatures, which could quickly lead to death, with a roll of the dice of course!

Your Work

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