Your history

Past History

The oldest memory you can recall is that of your Aunt. Whom you came to know as your mother as she was never with child. A long time passed but you remained a child. Perhaps a little longer than she wanted, but 40 years really isn’t that long to you. For her it was not long enough.

She loved you she said even before you were born, and you believed her. All the way until she was torn to shreds by angry Luthers. They will never let this planet forget how much they hate it. It is their method to destroy and spread their own misery for becoming slaves on this planet, just out of spite. After you peeked out from under the bed you laid in, a cold hardness came over you. This hardness became a wedge between you and every Elf who ever tried to help you since. It drove you out of the lives of any person you came into contact with. You became the Luther. Became the patient traveler. The one who crossed the frozen cap of the world through many Myrics, bone chilling temperatures, plagues, and tests of all kind. To land in the best place to torture ones’ soul, Hou’Caw.

Here you will stay until you find your resolution. Whether that be at the end of a knife in an alley, or the perfect murder of those who have hurt you so bad. Every Luther on Geist. Or until then, every person who harms others the way you’ve been hurt. Perhaps a black eye would look appropriate on the face of namely that fat, smug, disgusting slime-sucker Hou.

Recent History

Getting to the city of Hou’Caw was much harder than anticipated. It took 12 years to gain the trust of The Joonmaster in Neelak to get a Departure Ticket. When you entered the city for the first time, it was as a willing slave. Any occupation would do really. All you needed was to do was get in the gates. Algoras the Joonmaster took you as his slave as soon as you flew into the city. You looked far more capable that the average slave and he thought he could make use of you reigning the Joons. You took to the task very well, as well as most Melekhai take to anything. Soon you were helping raise the egg sacs in the lower levels(a job of high importance). Your death rate for fertilized eggs reached 95% after your first two broods. Algoras is allowing you to harvest one egg on your own which will hatch in two cycles of Zinthan if all goes well. This is a bonus far greater than you imagined you would ever receive as a slave. Of coarse the creature will be sold with much of the proceeds going to Algoras, but he has promised you 30% of the take afterward. This could be a hefty Bonus for 3 years work. Perhaps you will be able to buy new shoes for your recent nights at Carala 9. Algoras is allowing you to leave the brood almost every night now and you are spending your earned Hou Coins (HC) at the smoke shop chatting with your new friends Liriel and Zylar. Liriel is a highly conflicted woman you can sense. She has admitted to being a worker for Sanaz and that does not shock you. She seems to be in complete control of her emotions, but often she will lash out at any time. She immediately apologizes and this you surmize she does for very few people. This has gained your attention as most people in the city never apologize for anything. This is interesting.

You have developed your friendship with Zylar very quickly as he has told you his profession as a Raiflin Vanguard. This is a highly personal secret as anyone sending this information to Hou could receive a hefty reward for it. He trusts you also because he needs you to tell him all you can about your peoples’. The two of you are a strange dynamic. Both slaves, with one of you willing and the other not. Of coarse he doesn’t know you are a willing slave. But perhaps with time you will tell him. Perhaps very soon. Perhaps that time is tonight, at Carala 9 where Hethem is releasing a new flavor of Kanem.

Your history

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